Authentic recently released his debut EP called “Journey to Authentic”. All produced by CasloBeats, the EP  Journey to Authentic is a story-telling experience in which Authentic tells you everything you need to know about himself starting off as an artist.

The opening track “NOAH” is an emotional introduction in which he shares his entire life story until the age of 18, when an obstacle is thrown in front of him. The end of this track and the death of his ambition is really the start of the “Journey”.

Every song after that is a chapter he has to work through in order for him to redefine himself.

Track 2 “Don’t stop Dreaming” is about believing in yourself and pushing through, even though you might not know why you are doing it.

Track number 3, titled I gotta know, is about facing your fears and doubts, not letting them hold you back but conquering them.

Track 4 is “Long Journey.” In this song Authentic realizes that this journey he is on is not just a quick trip, it’s the journey of a lifetime. Which is a daunting thought but one he must accept for him to move forward.

Finally, track 5, “Rebirth” Tells you that after all these stages Noah is reborn. While experimenting with substances that are new for him he goes on another-worldly, spiritual journey, which completely changes his perspective on life. This is when he becomes Authentic. This track is the foundation his musical career. This is the creation of Authentic.

Alongside the EP Authentic is releasing 4 videos all shot by Fleuri La Belle and Bas de Leeuw. Directed and edited by Authentic himself.

Mix-Mastered by Mosis Overdosis, and recorded at 704records.

The “Journey to Authentic” is a timeless project that will always keep having its own place, so what are you waiting for? Go check it out!