The excitement that accompanies a new release – be it album, EP or single – is as intense as the first time. 704records has supervised a large number of songs and music productions, and continues to work so that the music he loves receives the diffusion it deserves. 

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8th October 2021

As regards to his latest release, Tirantes with artist Gia Parrales and producer Hippy Jack, (Released Friday 8th October) the concept is the following: Tirantes is a song in which Mani describes a party at his place where he meets a new girl that came along with some friends of his. He really likes her (cocky) attitude, her dance… Read More.

24th September 2021

Seasons is a song in which authentic shares his outlook on to climate change. This past year the seasons haven’t been very visible, with week to week jumps from snow to summer. Authentic draws the comparison to us losing track of our Seasons to us losing our connection with the planet… Read More.

23rd July 2021

We hereby present you the new release of artist Mani Pelao. Déjala prod. Hippy Jack. Cover art by @prospect.png. The song concept is the following: Déjala is a song about a fatal woman who… Read More.

13th August 2021

Prod. Hippy Jack, (Released Friday 13th August) the concept is the following: ‘Tu Amiga’ is a song by Mani Pelao in which he describes how a female friend of his best friend looked at him in a way that made him feel in love at first sight. She greeted him… Read More.

18th June 2021

The new summer release finds its roots in West Africa. Slim Kofi has had his Childhood experiences with a lot of dancing and socializing on the streets in Ghana. The title Shaminogbo is referring to the small African scooter… Read More.

28th May 2021

Por La Mañana is a song in which Mani Pelao is in an afterparty scene. He is lying on a sofa, dreaming about what just happened that night and about his life as a rapper. He gets… Read More.


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