The excitement that accompanies a new release – be it album, EP or single – is as intense as the first time. 704records has supervised a large number of songs and music productions, and continues to work so that the music he loves receives the diffusion it deserves. 

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New release from artist Young Milla, Studio Lovin’, produced by Caslo Beats.  Milla Mac Intosh aka Young Milla aka MillaSooWavyy was born in The Netherlands but grew up internationally. His music combines new and old hiphop sounds, creating, as he describes it, old school with a twist, at times giving a nod to the greats to urge others to play their song back. Milla coined the term ‘Wavyy’ as a way to describe himself, personal life, and… Read More.

Kito Canadey is a multi-talented artist hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds. Born in Pakistan and raised in Hungary, Kito’s musical journey has been shaped by a rich tapestry of influences. Currently residing in the Netherlands, he has become a dynamic force in the music scene, captivating audiences with his unique blend of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and R&B…. Read More.

Thank you to everyone that came around, was an absolute blast! With performances of our team and clients as well as our traditional hip hop open mic… Read More.

On the 24th of June Authentic and Caslo Beats released their new single! Following up his last release “in your arms again” the duo continue to push out the groovy, jazzy vibes. The single is called “Lovin’ ” and the concept is the following: Lovin’ is about loving life, when life is good and also when it is bad. It has a very happy, soulfull sound. We created this soundRead More.

As regards to his latest release Perrear a Solas, released 17th of June with producer Hippy Jack, the concept is the following:

Mani sees a girl passing by with a natural swing and earphones in and wonders what she’s listening to. Her groove tells him its Reggaeton and he asks her if she’d like to join him to a club on Friday to dance. At first, she looks quite cocky, but in the endRead More.

On the 27th of May Authentic and CasloBeats released their new single! Following up his Debut EP “Journey to Authentic” and the collab mixtape with Young Milla “420 Tape”It is time for some new Authentic music! The single is called “in your arms again” and the concept is the following:

Think of the love of your life. Then think of the feeling of having to be away from him or her. Knowing all you both want is to be close to each other, to be able to embrace each other. But due to physical boundariesRead More.

Every year as April 20th rolls around, every stoner prepares for a chill day of celebrations. For Authentic and Young Milla it all started at the spark of a doobie, and quickly snowballed into a dope collab detailing the adventures of a stoner. The birth for the 420 Tape began with a single freestyle between the two at 704 Studios, and kicked off a project of blunts and rhymes… Read More.

Produced by Caslo Beats and released on Friday 15th of April 2022, Don de Dam is a tribute to old school reggaeton and the style of Don Omar of the early 2000’s. Mani went back to the basics with his old school rap flow which is also the style he started with as a teenager. He describes his way of living in Amsterdam i.e. what he enjoys doing, that he has a girlfriend, the terrible… Read More.

Catch My Flow is a combination of rhythmic and lyrical Hip Hop. With a 2Pac inspired bridge, the song is meant to be a nod to Old School Rap while putting Young Milla’s lyrical ability on display. It takes you along…. Read More.

This song is produced and mixed by CasloBeats, and mastered by Alex Paranoyz. The song concept is the following: Mani has a first date in a club with a woman named Lucy, who appears to be a bad girl. At his arrival, she is waiting for him at the entrance and grabs his arm, walks to the bar and orders two shots of high-end vodka. All of a sudden she walksRead More.

Authentic recently released his debut EP called “Journey to Authentic”. All produced by CasloBeats, the EP  Journey to Authentic is a story-telling experience in which Authentic tells you everything you need to know about himself starting off as an artist.

The opening track “NOAH” is an emotional introduction in which he shares his entire life story until the age of 18, when an … Read More.

The latest single, Insecurities, is a dive into the darker side of Young Milla. The responsible party for the production of this single is Caslo Beats, an Amsterdam based producer, also part of the 704records family. Insecurities is a delve into the mind of Young Milla. Baring his insecurities about his future’sRead More.


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