The excitement that accompanies a new release – be it album, EP or single – is as intense as the first time. 704records has supervised a large number of songs and music productions, and continues to work so that the music he loves receives the diffusion it deserves. 

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16th April 2021

I chose this title & single as my next release because of my correspondent releases, in a way this “Talking Stages” with the relationship I want to build with my music lovers” (Slim Kofi)… Read More.

19th March 2021

As Reign Laslo says: “This is a song that you hear at a beach party, a song to get everyone up off of their ass and get moving. The beat and the lyrics do the tango, so you are never really dancing alone. Boost of confidence, loose hips…Read More.

26th Feb 2021

Out now on all platforms!!!! Produced by non other than Hippy Jack in the city of Valencia, Spain. Enjoy this rap delight!…Read More.

18th Dec 2020

Mani Pelao’s 2nd release is here! ‘Tu Error’ is a very thematic song which emanates sad energy with a touch of rawness. He grew resentment towards the woman he had been with for years, which was caused by her doubts about their relationship. In that period of doubt in which they did not see …Read More.

2nd Oct 2020

We are proud to announce that Warner Music Spain has released the song Mary Jane with our friend and artist Iza Bastet. This is featured by non other than Slim Kofi and artist Alberto GambinoRead More.

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28th Sept 2020

We are proud to announce that we have signed a contract with talented Fallé Tattoo Studios for our next chapter in our company’s develpment. The new studio is located in Heesterveld 18…Read More.


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