On the 24th of June Authentic and Caslo Beats released their new single!

Following up his last release “in your arms again” the duo continue to push out the groovy, jazzy vibes. The single is called “Lovin’ ” and the concept is the following:

Lovin’ is about loving life, when life is good and also when it is bad. It has a very happy, soulfull sound. We created this sound for it specifically so no matter who listens to it, and no matter what mindset they are in, it will make you smile and take a break from whatever you got going on to reflect on the beauties life has to offer.

This song started when Authentic was chilling in the hot tub the morning after the “Journey to Authentic” release party, and Caslo Beats was cooking up on this beat on the side in the yard. The surrounding they were in while laying the foundation of this track is exactly what this track is about: The ups-and-downs of life, celebrating the ups while at the same time preparing yourself for the downs.

“Lovin’ ” out in all major stores now!