On the 27th of May Authentic and CasloBeats released their new single!

Following up his Debut EP “Journey to Authentic” and the collab mixtape with Young Milla “420 Tape”It is time for some new Authentic music!

The single is called “in your arms again” and the concept is the following:

Think of the love of your life. Then think of the feeling of having to be away from him or her. Knowing all you both want is to be close to each other, to be able to embrace each other. But due to physical boundaries, you both have to accept that currently this is not possible. That is the initial though that this song started from. The longing and desire of being unable to be in your lovers arms again.

The process of this song started after the finishing of the 420 tape. A time in which both CasloBeats and Authentic felt a need to go back to the style of music that first brought them together: the Jazzy beats.

And it is good that they did! As you can hear in the track, both of them stepped up their game on this song, and rumor has it that they have a lot more in the tank together.

But First: “in your arms again” out in all major stores now!