Every year as April 20th rolls around, every stoner prepares for a chill day of celebrations. For Authentic and Young Milla it all started at the spark of a doobie, and quickly snowballed into a dope collab detailing the adventures of a stoner. The birth for the 420 Tape began with a single freestyle between the two at 704 Studios, and kicked off a project of blunts and rhymes. The songs are inspired by the artists’ mutual love for lighting up after a day of hard work. After many long hours at 704 Studios with producer Caslo Beats, the 420 Tape was born, and what goes better with smoking a j than dope rhymes to get jiggy with? Whatever you’re feeling, from hardcore bars to melodic lofi songs, the 420 Tape has all the vibes to take your 420 session to an even higher level. For the ultimate listening experience, roll up a spliff, grab some munchies, kick back, and bump the 420 Tape (bonus points if it’s April 20th).