New release from artist Young Milla, Studio Lovin’, produced by Caslo Beats.  Milla Mac Intosh aka Young Milla aka MillaSooWavyy was born in The Netherlands but grew up internationally. His music combines new and old hiphop sounds, creating, as he describes it, old school with a twist, at times giving a nod to the greats to urge others to play their song back. Milla coined the term ‘Wavyy’ as a way to describe himself, personal life, and music. He describes Wavyy as being laid back, chill, and living your life carefree, although applicable in many ways. His music derives from his raw thoughts and feelings, in turn making each song a glimpse into his mind.

Musical diversity is something Milla continues to advocate for, often forming unexpected collaborations with artists in the punk rock, afrobeats and reggaeton genres. He joined 704records in 2016 and has since created many tracks with the team there. The latest release is Studio Lovin’. Studio Lovin‘ is inspired by 2 of Young Milla’s favorite rappers in Wiz Khalifa and Schoolboy Q with similarly titled songs. Produced and partially engineered by CasloBeats.

Cover art by @prospect.png