.WAV being his first self-titled project, reflects the Wavyy sounds that Young Milla represents. The responsible party for the production on the EP is Caslo Beats, an Amsterdam based producer, part of the 704records family.

The first track of the EP, See The Sky, features Caribbean artist Woods The Chosen One and is a mix of Wavyy raps and a fresh Caribbean vibe. See The Sky is the epitome of the Wavyy sound and shows off Young Milla’s Wavyy flows and second rap voice. It combines wordplay with Wavy flows and goes in depth into the personalities of Woods The Chosen One and Young Milla.

The second and last song of the EP is Weekend. It is meant to bring Wavyy raps to the club. It is the accumulation of the stresses of a 9-5 lifestyle and letting it go by getting wavy at the end of the workweek. The track features fellow 704 rapper Reign Laslo, who with his unique flows completes the song.


Both songs were mixed and mastered by Somedutchkid.